Personal Background

  • Age: 18+
  • Clean Criminal History & Background Check
    • Instant Disqualification Items:
      • All Felonies
      • All domestic violence or any violence towards a person
      • Misdemeanors within the previous 10 years
      • Major traffic violations within the previous 7 years
    • Honesty is Key!
      • If you are worried or not sure if an incident from your past is disqualifying, please contact
  • Michigan Driver’s License & Reliable Vehicle

Training Requirements

  • Training To Be Completed Within Three Months
    • Example Topics Include:
      • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): Incident Command Response
      • First Aid & Stop the Bleed
      • Search and Rescue Awareness and Operations
    • Nearly all training is free!

Team Commitment

  • Attend 60% of callouts and 60% of monthly meetings
  • Must be willing to respond at all hours of the day or night
  • Must be willing to work in less than desirable conditions: rain, sleet, snow, and heat
  • Must be a team player


  • Field Operations: Ground Search & Rescue, K9 Handler, or K9 Flanker
    • Physical Fitness Test: complete a 3 mile hike in under 55 minutes while wearing your pack
    • Must be willing to traverse tough terrain: swamps, thick brush, etc in adverse weather
    • Must put together a 24 hour pack according to our checklist
  • Communications & Support:
    • Should be in reasonably good health and able to stand for hours. Passing a physical fitness test is required.
      • Physical Fitness Test: complete a 1 mile hike in under 20 minutes

Application Process: Apply here!

  • Thank you or your interest volunteering with us! If you have any questions, please email Human Resources.
  • Please read through our frequently asked questions: FAQ
  • Our full training checklists and requirements can be found here: Google Drive Public Files
  • See our Welcome to the Team Packet to learn more about the checklists: here

Step 0 – Print and Use Our Applicant Checklist: here

Step 1 – Phone Interview: discuss team requirements and commitment

Step 2 – Attend Two K9 Training Events

  • You get an opportunity to participate in training as a K9 flanker and learn about us from our members
  • Leadership gets feedback from current members on your suitability to join the team

Step 3 – Complete Federal Emergency Management Agency Courses (all free and online)
To take assessments you must register for a FEMA student ID by clicking here.

Step 4 – Complete the Kent County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Background Check: Application Form

  • Note: your background check will only be processed once Steps 3 & 4 are completed

Step 5 – Pass Background Check: Approval from the Kent County Office of Emergency Management

Step 6 – Approval from KCEST Leadership and Added to Team as a Probationary Member

  • KCEST Leadership will review the application and decide to either accept or decline an applicant
  • Approved applicant will be placed on probationary status and assigned to the training division

Step 7 – Complete Probationary Checklists Within 3 Months


Probationary members are encouraged to respond to all callouts!