How to Join?

KCEST is the parent organization that is responsible for the management of the following programs working with the Office of Emergency Management in Kent County. KCEST is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Application Process Steps and Application

  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! If you have any questions, please email Human Resources.
  • Print and use our Applicant Checklist: here
  • Please read through our frequently asked questions: FAQ
  • Our full training checklists and requirements can be found here: Public Checklists

Step 1 Complete application process
– Fill out our basic member application: Here
– Fill out all all required documents Required Documents

Step 2 – We do an initial interview / screening for all team members. This will include a 30-60 minute conversation about joining the team as well as running you through the Michigan I-CHAT background check system.

Step 3 – Join us as a guest at meetings and trainings to meet the team. During this time, we get to know you while we are waiting for your initial approval from the Kent County office of Emergency Management.

Step 4 – Approval by Office of OEM to move forward. You are now considered a probationary member of KCEST and have 90 days to complete all initial training during your 6 month probationary period.

Step 5 – Completion of initial training and moved to your initial ground team. You will report to a ground team leader on your progress and be evaluated during your probationary period.

Step 6 – Completion of your 6 months probationary period. Approval from KCEST Leadership and Added to Team as a full Member.

  • KCEST Leadership will review the applicant and decide to either accept or decline an applicantion to become a full member.
  • Approved applicant will be placed on a ground team or allowed to apply to a specialty unit.