Who We Are

Search & Rescue

When loved ones go missing, our trained SAR team answers the call. Day or night, summer or winter, we show the value of managed, trained, and well-equipped searchers in Kent County and its surrounding communities.

Emergency Communication

During a wide range of emergencies (ice storms, power outages, or other significant events), Kent County’s Emergency Communications Team is able to provide communications to other emergency organizations (police, fire, or EMS), local hospitals, and even Red Cross or Salvation Army resources. When normal channels go quiet, we ensure information continues to flow.

General Volunteers

When widespread disasters strike West Michigan, Kent County Emergency Services team can be called on to fill a wide variety of needs. Whether directing traffic, assisting with wires down calls, or setting up emergency warming centers and shelters, our volunteers are trained and prepared to respond in the worst of conditions and assist in any way we can to bring essential infrastructure back online. Even if you don’t want to specialize in Search and Rescue or Emergency Communications, there is always a need for more volunteers who are willing to help when help comes calling!