Community Emergency Response Team

When any new member joins the Kent County Emergency Services team, they must first complete the minimum training requirements for becoming a volunteer (during a probationary period) and then become a General Volunteer. This means that they understand the FEMA guidelines under which all public service events take place, have a general understanding of safety and survival in the field, and have the equipment and skills necessary to add value to any number of situations into which a KCEST volunteer might be thrown with a moment’s notice.

Though a volunteer may wish to acquire additional training and specialize in the Search and Rescue or Emergency Communications group, there is still plenty of work available to our General Volunteers!

In short, a KCEST CERT Member is a member who just wants to generally volunteer. These members may also have specialized training in other KCEST Divisions and are always encouraged to take advantage of our continual learning atmosphere.

What does a General Volunteer do?

  • Special for COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Response
  • Help to distribute Personal Protective equipment
  • Help at Isolation or Quarantine Shelters
  • Help to deliver materials in support of various operations
  • Bolster Medical response (based on licensure)
  • Help to manage volunteers
  • Duties as assigned

  • Assists at Search and Rescue scenes (as mobile or support units)
  • Assists in the Kent County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Assists with Wires Down calls to relieve police and fire units
  • Assists with emergency traffic direction
  • Assists with KCEST administrative functions
  • Assists with Public Outreach events and training
  • Participates as a Severe Weather Spotter
  • Helps the SAR K9 unit to train (Hides for the K9s)
  • Assists with Emergency Sheltering

Because all of our volunteers become a General Volunteer prior to specialization, you will have an opportunity to get a taste of many of our services before you need to decide on any particular specialty (or no specialty at all).

Interested in joining the team? Apply Here.