Job: Net Controller

Title Net Controller
Job Information

Purpose: To provide radio net control to the KCRACES umbrella organizations during activations (KCRACES, KCSAR, KCSKYWARN, KCARPSC, KCEST).

Responsibilities / Duties:

– Coordinate net efforts during activations for the KCRACES Organization
– Track units
– Record information
– Report Weather conditions
– Look up data for  command
– Handle Requests from Command
– Keep command advised of situations/information that may be pertinent to the overall operation

Reports to: Head Net Controller / under with final supervisor as Deputy Director – Support / Logistics
PFT Required: NO
Training Requirement Form Title: Awareness Check List – Support Only

Other Information:
The net controller is a support position that is not required to go into the field.  Net Controllers work from home or from an assigned on-scene location during operations as needed.  How to work a base radio and computer literacy is a must.  Candidate should be able to type and talk at same time. Multi-tasking is a requirement.   Net Controllers act as a dispatcher for the Kent County RACES organization to support the overall effort and assist with accountability of responding members and data.

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