Job: Kayak Crew Leader

Title Kayak Crew Leader
Job Information

Purpose:  To provide span of control, better leadership and individual training for ground team members

Responsibilities / Duties:

– Work with current Ground team Kayak members to further skills
– Mentor New Ground Team members as they progress through their training requirements
– Provide span of control contact for the Deputy Director – Ground Team and Deputy Director Training
– Work with ground team Kayak members assigned to resolve conflicts
– Work with other Ground Crew Leaders as needed
– Work with Assigned team members to coordinate small group training operations
– Account for and document assigned ground team members training information

Reports to:– Ground SAR Team Leader
PFT Required: Yes  – Arduous Level
Training Requirement Form Title: Awareness, Operations, Optional but encouraged: NST3 / NST2 / SARM

Other Information:
The goal of the Ground Team Kayak Crew Leader Position is Not that of status, but to help with span of control and to mentor new and current members.  The GTYCL position will be responsible for up to 7 Ground Team Kayak members and will be responsible for working with those members on a regular basis.   The GTYCL should be in constant contact with assigned team members and the GTTL (Ground Team Team Leader).


Required Equipment:

– Dual Band Amateur Radio capable of reaching Amateur Radio Repeaters within Kent County
– Computer system with at least windows XP and internet access.
– Smart Phone (Tablet or laptop desired)
– 24 Hour SAR Pack
– 72 Hour SAR Pack – Recommended
– Kayak

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