Job: Ground Team Member

Title Ground Team Member
Job Information

Purpose:  To respond to missing person events in / around Kent County as a basic Ground team member.  This is our most basic field position.

Responsibilities / Duties:

– Train to the highest level possible in the shortest amount of time possible
– Promote / advertise the organization to potential candidates
– Respond in uniform to activations ready to work in the field in all types of environmental condition’s
– Be ready for everything

Reports to: Ground Team Crew Leader
PFT Required: Yes – Level  Moderate – Arduous encouraged
Training Requirement Form Title: Awareness Check List, Operations Check list, Optional but encouraged NST3,NST2, Tech

Other Information:
The Ground team member is the entry level position in KCSAR. Many members stay in this position and many will specialize into various categories.  In the end all KCSAR field ready members are a ground member, specialization does not exempt from working in the field as a ground person.  The Ground team member is encouraged to train as rapidly as possible to make the most use of available time and resources.  The sooner a team member completes the awareness check list the quicker the team member may start responding into the field as productive kcsar team member.  Ground team members should be able to support themselves for at least 24 hours without placing burden on the team / hosting agency.   Team members are encouraged to be able to support themselves for up to 72 hours with out support.

Required Equipment:

–          Dual Band Amateur Radio capable of reaching Amateur Radio Repeaters within Kent County
–          24 hour pack
–          Physically fit

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